Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

The general idea of my project is to create an aesthetically pleasing yet nonchalant alcohol display. I figure that this could be a cool kitchen piece that would double as a nightlight. The basic requirements that I look to include are that at a minimum 3 bottles can be displayed, it should be illuminated from the bottom, and there is either movement coming from the bottles themselves for from a lid that can open and close.

The aesthetic that I would like to emulate is sleek industrial. The modern industrial aesthetic has very prominent wood, glass and metal all in combination. Typically, dark woods with unpolished metals. There is also an aspect of creating space or spaciousness, stemming from using negative space. In some displays that I have come across, there is a lot of pipe and pipe fitting usage. This seems to me to give off the feel of exposed ‘innerworkings’ but I find it a bit forced. I resonate with the thin shelving used; however, I would like my design to sit on top of a kitchen counter or something similar. I also want to give off a rustic feel and I plan to do this through my choice of wood and also by having the light actuation be hidden on either the power cord or by use of a remote.

Alternative 1:

Alternatively, another aesthetic I could explore could be functional. What I immediately thought of was the clear plastic displays at liquor stores. In this there is uniformity and symmetry, with a main focus of being unobtrusive. The alcohol is the main focus, and the display is not meant to catch the eye. The eye grabbing comes from the variation in the alcohol bottle branding themselves. Function takes precedence over form, utilizing inorganic shapes and dull muted colors if any use of colors at all.

Alternative 2:

Another alternative aesthetic I could explore is a green mossy aesthetic. Encompassed in this is trees in a forest, lots of green, humidity, usually water and lack of direct white sunlight. The way I would incorporate this into my display would be to make the base out of a natural mossy log. Drilling holes shaped for specific bottles. I would also incorporate a vertical aspect whether that be in the form of miniature trees to stand alongside but smaller than the bottles or to have a backplate that could drape vines or some type of sagging moss over the bottles in an unorderly way.

What I find interesting overall is how to create a display that is inconspicuous on its own but when paired with alcohol bottles is eye catching and noticeable.


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  • Jarod Ocampo
    March 6, 2024 5:17 pm

    Hey Chris it looks like you put a lot of time and thought this through. I think a nonchalant liquor holder would be cool to see either a plastic encasing or in a wood cutout. If you were going to make it a transparent plastic encasing would you consider using colored tints on it?

    • Chris Wachuta
      March 8, 2024 3:09 pm

      Thanks for the comment. This is not something I have yet considered. My initial reaction would be to keep it clear and transparent to keep with the nonchalant and hidden in plain sight aspect.


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