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Since my last post I have chosen to pivot to a project that is more “artsy”. My previous idea was purely function so I wanted to transition that had some value even if it didn’t function correctly. I choose to pursue a wind sculpture idea following a minimalist aesthetic. An inspiration for this project is the wind sculpture outside of the ITLL building at CU. This was also an inspiration for my upcycling project but with this project I would like to stick closer to the idea of a sculpture that was dynamic in the wind.

Minimalist Sketch

Shown above is a sketch of my project idea where the red lines indicate string or wires which will suspend pieces of material in the wind. The suspended material should be able to rotate freely allowing for dynamic motion with a changing breeze.

Abstract Expressionist Sketch

When thinking of my aesthetic I think of simple geometries and uniform lines. An aesthetic that opposes that idea is abstract expressionism with non-uniform lines and wacky geometries. The end function would be the same but the aesthetic and overall feel of the artifact would be totally different.

Maximalist Sketch

Maximalism is also strongly opposed to minimalism. In the sketch above the artifact frame is significantly more detailed than in my minimalist sketch. I think this takes focus away from the function of the piece.

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  • Lavender Giebner
    March 11, 2024 5:06 pm

    Cool idea! I really appreciate the sketches of the alternate aesthetics; they still stay within the planar wind-sculpture idea, but really feel different to eachother, both with the exterior ornamentation and the suprising amount of visual change that comes with reorienting the lines that the flappers(?) are mounted on. Given that this piece requires wind, have you thought about weatherproofing it?

    • Alex Fitzgerald
      March 12, 2024 9:52 pm

      Hey Lavender, I actually hadn’t put much thought into weather proofing it beyond just basic material selection but that definitely something I should consider!

  • Hi Alex, I like the inspiration you got for your project. I always walk by the wind sculpture and think that’s awesome! Do you know what materials you plan to use? What about if you were to make it using an alternate aesthetic, would the materials be the same, different, a combination?

    • Alex Fitzgerald
      March 12, 2024 9:54 pm

      Hey Ian, I plan to use some sort of COTS disks for the rotating elements. Since I would like to buy a lot of them I plan to use a cheap material so it will likely be Al, SS, or Mylar.


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