Post 7: Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

For my final project I have been recently inspired by my journey into dyes and screen printing. Although I said in my most recent post that I want to follow my aesthetic I think I’m going to try to evolve my style and do something new. An aesthetic I think that most closely represents the idea that I have in my head is called Bloomcore. The definition of Bloomcore is “Bloomcore, also known as Floral, is an aesthetic based on theme of flowers, gardens, gardening, and nature. Though generally similar, Bloomcore differs from Naturecore in its focus on village greenery, emphasis of flowers, and themes of a quiet lifestyle.” (Aesthetic Wiki). The reason Im going with this is because I want to use natural flowers and things to create clothing dyes. This aesthetic is based around greenery and soft quiet colors and that is very intriguing to me. This idea comes from my experience in nature and more recently my exploration into color theory and the use of color in design. Using clothing as my medium makes me excited as I love to make clothes already and this could be something awesome for my brand in the future. For how I am going to make this dynamic I want to order some thermochromic dye and mix that in with my natural dyes. This will allow the colors to change in the sun/dark and make the shirt change depending on the seasons/environment. This wont be very difficult to do especially if I am already creating natural dyes with something like blueberries/turmeric. I want the design to come out similar to something like this:Image 1 of Iceberg ombre-effect T-shirt(1)

I want to kind of do this ombre style dye with the shirt and maybe do it at a different angle of some sort. The main idea would be based on the darker half being able to change to a lighter color in the sun. Another idea would be to have a design on the natural dyed shirt and make it show up in the sun or disappear. Overall I want to use light and soft colors from natural dyes and mix it with the thermochromic dyes. The opposite of my aesthetic I think would be very geometric and maybe even futuristic. Even though it would still be clothing I think this is what the clothing would look like instead: (2 & 3)

While these are very different I don’t think I want to do this style at all. A lot of my graphic work has been based around this aesthetic and I want to try something new. I think this venture into working with more soft colors and the dynamic use of the color will be super fun and something I want to keep working on in the future. Lastly, this project is going to be very fun and something I can’t wait to work on over spring break. If this project goes well I can see myself working on this in the future and creating a whole line of shirts and pants centered around this idea



Work CIted:

(1) Farfetch, 2024,

(2 & 3) My sketches

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  • Cannon Leitz
    March 11, 2024 8:18 pm

    Bloomcore could definetly be something you add into your final aesthetic even if you dont go all the way with it. You did great with drawing up the concept on what that may have looked like. How are you planning on dyeing?

  • Hey Collin,

    Embracing Bloomcore for your final project is pretty sweet! Marrying your newfound passion for natural dyes and screen printing with the aesthetic’s emphasis on flowers, greenery, and a tranquil lifestyle. The innovative idea to integrate thermochromic dyes with natural ones for dynamic color changes is ingenious, promising clothing that not only embodies the soft, vibes of Bloomcore but also engages with its environment in a lively manner. Steering away from the geometric and futuristic towards something more organic and nuanced seems like a refreshing shift that aligns well with your aspirations and brand vision.

    Looking forward to your creations!


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