Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

For my main project I have decided to still go with something related to photography as my main aesthetic. Vintage photography, landscape, and surrealism are all options I am currently exploring. As college has rolled along I find myself getting more and more tunnel visioned towards school instead of focusing on my day to day life. I think bringing this aesthetic to my final project will be a good motivator to get back into my photography hobby. Afterall, we do live in a beautiful place as CU students with a lot of photographic potential. I have two main ideas for this project, a rotating picture frame and a dry cabinet for my picture frame. The first one, the rotating picture frame can go a few different ways. I would first need to figure out the mechanics of it, as I want something that can rotate not only on a two axis point but more to offer many different options for the pictures. I would most likely go with two sided picture frames, each having their own unique properties to them. I would then have 2-3 different frames in rotation. The next hard part would be figuring how to properly mount to the wall without something large and ugly, while being able to hold up this much wood. On this aspect I don’t have any ideas yet but I am looking. 

My second idea, the dry cabinet, will be built like most dry cabinets you can buy online. I am not entirely sure I want to go to the dehumidifying aspect of a dry cabinet, as it is fairly dry here in Colorado and that is something I have never been particularly concerned with. A temperature control for the cabinet might be something I explore, to keep my equipment in a controlled area. For this option I would likely go the vintage route of photography as I feel it will fit well with the rest of my gear. This would be heavily inspired by this cabinet I have found on B&H shown below. 

It’s hard to imagine my project in a different aesthetic since I have not particularly chosen one and instead have an overall “theme” for the project. One idea I did have could be following Video Art for my dry cabinet. Generally dry cabinets are complemented with a glass door on the front but I could do a large screen showing different pictures that I have taken.

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  • Juliette Goubeaud
    March 10, 2024 11:48 pm

    I really like both of these ideas and think that they could definitely be feasible and useful to you. I especially like the idea of the dry cabinet for your gear as it would be a great storage space for you and a constant visual reminder of your hobby. I also like the idea you had of a screen scanning through various pictures you’ve taken, but I wonder if that would be the whole door or just a small portion of the door to showcase both the photo and what was used to take them?

  • Barrett Lister
    March 10, 2024 4:03 pm

    A dry cabinet would certainly be functional, and I always think the best projects are items that get used regularly. If it’s made to your liking, you find yourself enjoying it the more as time goes on, and thanking yourself for making it.
    I am not a photographer myself, so I naively ask what is the benefit of de-aerating photography equipment?


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