Post 7: Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives.

My project aesthetic will be focused on minimalism. I am continuing with the RGB LEDs from my last post but I am envisioning a 2 different options.

On the left is a more refined option with LED diffusers which will embody minimalism. On the right is more of an industrial look. This will feature bare circuit boards and strive to show off more of the electronics.

Bart Lammers


I think something like this may be good for the industrialism look. The matte black boards with plenty of components could look good. If I am feeling really bougie, I can go for an option that is gold plated but that can be expensive since I would be using literal gold.

This picture features a potential industrialist controller board. On the left is a wifi module, the power is in the middle, and there are key switches on the right. I think it will be neat having clicky switches usually meant for gaming keyboards in a device like this. The biggest thing I don’t like is the dead space on top. I think it takes away from the industrialism aesthetic but doesn’t make it look minimalist either.

I think I will probably rework this to look a little better and incorporate more features.


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  • Venkata Sanyasi Krishna Vidhan Rallapalli
    March 10, 2024 10:13 pm

    Your project concept is intriguing, blending minimalism with industrial aesthetics. The contrasting options you envision, with LED diffusers for minimalism and bare circuit boards for industrial, offer a compelling design choice.

  • Jonathon Gruener
    March 9, 2024 2:58 pm

    Hi Kyle. I think that this project reminds me a lot of the Nano Leaf RGB things that people buy. It definitely is a great idea to make them instead of purchasing them, as they are super expensive. I am curious what you think this idea could look like in different aesthetics?

    • I think there are a lot of different ways to change things to switch up the looks. I am considering using different arrangements of the lights to change things up.


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