Project Aesthetics: Levitating Nature Scene with Steampunk Elements

Main Project Aesthetic

The main aesthetic of the project is a harmonious blend of natural elements and steampunk-inspired machinery, encapsulating the ethos of Victorian futurism. At the heart of this design lies the contrast between the organic forms and textures of the floating nature scene and the intricate mechanical details of the steampunk base. The floating element—a microcosm of nature, perhaps a bonsai or a miniaturized landscape—serves as a tranquil oasis amidst the industrial vibe of the base composed of sustainable wood, accented with brass gears, and copper finishes.


  • The base will be meticulously crafted from dark-stained, sustainably-sourced wood.
  • Gears, cogs, and piping will be modeled from high-quality brass and copper to exude a sense of antiquity.
  • The levitating nature scene will include elements such as real moss, miniature trees, and perhaps a small water feature to represent a serene green world.
  • Magnetic levitation technology will be seamlessly integrated to create the illusion of the nature scene floating above the base.


Alternative Aesthetic 1: Modern Minimalist

Imagine the project stripped of its Victorian complexities and transformed into a study of modern minimalism.


  • The base would be a simple, white, high-gloss finish cube without any visible gears or mechanical details.
  • The floating element would be a single, perfectly pruned bonsai tree, its pot a smooth sphere or cube.
  • The technology for levitation would be hidden completely, enhancing the magical effect of the floating element.

Alternative Aesthetic 2: Rustic Naturalism

Conversely, we could delve into a completely organic approach, dubbed Rustic Naturalism.


  • The base would be made from unrefined, reclaimed wood with a natural, raw bark finish.
  • The levitating element would be a clump of wildflowers, grass, and soil—a slice of meadow, as it were—suspended in the air.
  • The levitation mechanism would be discreetly placed within the soil and camouflaged with natural elements.


Sketch 1: Modern Minimalist

  • A stark, monochromatic drawing showcasing the bonsai in sharp relief against a pristine white cube. The base is smooth, with no visible means of support for the floating tree, giving it a futuristic look.

Sketch 2: Rustic Naturalism

  • A warm, detailed sketch that highlights the textures of the wood and the meadow. The rustic base appears almost as a cross-section of a tree, complete with rings and a rough exterior, while the meadow floats gently above it, full of wildflower blooms and grass.

“What if…?”

What if the project were to be envisioned in these alternative aesthetics? The Modern Minimalist approach would appeal to those who value sleek design and clean lines, emphasizing the ‘magic’ of levitation technology. It would fit seamlessly into a contemporary environment, drawing the eye to the simplicity and elegance of the bonsai as a living sculpture.

The Rustic Naturalism aesthetic would attract individuals who prefer a more organic and less refined look. It would evoke the feeling of a natural habitat, creating a connection with the outdoors and providing a stark reminder of the beauty of untamed nature.

Both alternatives challenge the original concept by proposing a different experience of the same functional design, proving that the project’s core idea can transcend various aesthetic realms.

Design Inspiration

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  • Cannon Leitz
    March 11, 2024 8:22 pm

    Your fusion of natural elements with steampunk-inspired machinery is intriguing. I’m especially drawn to the alternative aesthetics you’ve proposed, each offering unique interpretations of your concept. Do you plan to incorporate interactive elements to enhance your project?

  • Hey Grreshan, this final project sounds sick! I love the comparison combination of both a natural simple aesthetic versus steampunk, very creative. I am very excited to see how the final result turns out. What materials were you thinking about using for you final design? Maybe use a stump and shape it into a desk stand as the base as seen in your inspo photo.

    • Grreshan Ramesh
      March 16, 2024 5:30 pm

      Hi Kyle, For materials, I’m definitely leaning towards natural elements like wood for the base (your stump idea is fantastic!). I’m thinking of incorporating brass or copper for the mechanical details to get that steampunk feel. I might even try to find some salvaged gears or clockwork parts to add authenticity.


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