For my project I have considered two aesthetics, the first one is similar to what I discussed in the previous post. This design would be more of a minimal and bauhaus design which would ideally complement the other furniture in my room. My inspiration for this comes from having no space to put a “chilling” chair in my room, so I thought it would be really cool to design and build one that can extend out of its place and create a full size area for someone to sit comfortably.

My vision for this design is for the outer frame to be some sort of shiny almost chrome like metal that will be accentuated by some brown/orange fabric that will serve as the part to lay on. I want it to be foldable so the main support will be able to fold up while the two legs at the bottom will be able to be folded down for support the base. After there is no more need for the “couch” it can be folded up into a much more compact shape and be set aside where it can add color to a room without taking over the space.

This same concept in a different aesthetic would consist using wood instead of metal creating a more boxy frame and using a brighter color for the “couch” part of the design such as a white or green fabric. This would mean that the couch itself is a going to be thicker than the other design and also be substantially heavier and more fragile. The main benefit would be that working with would is easier than bending metal and is more accessible to find cheaper materials.

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  • Nick, looks like a promising project idea with the potential to create a very useful piece of furniture. One place that you may find inspiration for the folding mechanism is in foldable soccer benches or portable canopies. The benches work similarly to standard camping chairs but simply with multiple seats connected.

  • Ari Matrajt Frid
    March 12, 2024 8:29 pm

    Hi Nicholas, I think this idea is very interesting because building the foldable couch sounds complex. Do you know what kind of mechanism you’ll use to make it foldable?


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