What I am thinking about doing is sewing, crafting, designing, laser cutting, and metal crafting a Country jacket. I got inspiration from a photography project that I was doing. I wanted to craft an outfit that blurs gender lines within an authentic 1800s Western country. What I plan to do is to buy a leather Peacoat jacket from Goodwill and make alterations to it. I decided to go this route because I figured that it would be the cheapest option to get enough leather in the shapes I wanted without having to stitch a jacket from craft. I will then add and alter the jacket to my liking by redoing stitches, adding material, and adding details to it. 

My inspiration for the project is to create an outfit that resembles an authentic country look as well as give it a form that resembles more fem, form, and pose.

To do country aesthetic right, you have to go to its roots and history to have the solid foundation that forms the authentic. Country aesthetic is rooted in the American migration toward the West with cow herders and indigenous people. It can be seen through the amount of leather, the obvious cowboy hats, and the denim. It can be seen with the rugged styles and cuts of clothing. 

With the country music fashion aesthetic, we can see similar cuts of authentic cowboy clothes with more textures, fringe, beads, and rhinestones. Seen through icons like Dolly Parton, Orville Peck, and many others.

With my project, I am thinking of combining the two sides of country aesthetics. I am thinking of making the base jacket sued and having vinal leather accents sewn into the jacket. I am thinking about laser-etching, designs into the vinyl parts of the jacket. I am also thinking about laser-cutting intricate designs out of leather and sewing them onto the jacket. I want to sew in leather tassels and fringe onto the back, front, and arms of the jacket. 



Fringe Suede Jacket with Studs


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  • Efrosini Krokos
    April 1, 2024 9:43 am

    I love this idea. Mood fabrics has free patterns online and I’ve seen a few western ones that may be able to help!


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