Post 7: Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

For my project, I want to build an artifact that is a testament to the person I am, my interests, and the way I think. I want every element to feel inspired, like it is a representation of just me. In my previous post, I outlined the general vision I have for my artifact: my goal is to design and build a small, mechanically moving desk sculpture that incorporates elements of astronomy, mechanics, and space. I want to include symbols that are relevant to me and my interests, and I want to use a fabrication technique that is modern and design oriented.


After doing some hand sketching, I now have a more defined vision for what my project will look like, but to experiment further, I have sketched my vision in 2 different aesthetics: one in the industrial aesthetic, and one with a unique ancient aesthetic.


The industrial aesthetic version of the project features exposed piping to build the framework of the piece, inspired by the typically visible plumbing and ventilation systems present in industrial buildings. The belt drive used to move the two discs is indicative of the conveyor and pulley systems typically used in industrial factories, and represents the factory inspiration in the design. I also oriented the pipes in a way such that there was some curvature, much like the complex steam line and piping orientations found in industrial workplaces.

For the ancient aesthetic design, I incorporated a pyramid shaped base inspired by the stacked block style pyramids found in the forests of South America. I thought this aesthetic would be interesting because I want to include elements related to space and planets, and many ancient civilizations had a fascination with celestial bodies and their impact on their own lives. Depicted in this sketch is a larger Sun disk controlling the rotation of a smaller disk representing the Earth. It is symbolic of the ancients’ feelings that the Sun had power over the Earth and the humans on it. To build the ancient aesthetic, I included patterns similar to those found in ancient stone engravings from South American civilizations. I chose to orient the Sun directly over Earth as well, a symbol of its direct oversight on the planet and its civilizations.

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  • Collin Ruprecht
    March 18, 2024 10:46 pm

    I really enjoyed the detail of your sketches. I am excited to see the project come to life!

  • Grreshan Ramesh
    March 16, 2024 5:24 pm

    Hi Sam ,
    I love your ambition to create a truly personal artifact, and your sketches show a great exploration of different aesthetics. I’m curious about how the mechanics will work – will you use gears or something else to make the pieces move?


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