Post 9: Top 5 Specifications, Top 5 Constraints

Top 5 Specifications:

1.  Uniform Disk Distribution

Since it aligns with my aesthetic and aids in visualizing how the air is moving over discrete spaces I want my project to have as near to a uniform reflective disk distribution as possible. Since the project is going to be fairly large even a small slant in a row or column of disks could become visible.

2. Reflective Disks

Since the reflectiveness of the disks is what makes these kinetic wind sculptures so eye-catching it is important that I keep the disks blemish-free during the fabrication process.

3. Rigid Frame

I want the only dynamic part of this project to be the disks, not the frame. A solid frame will allow me to be comfortable leaving it out in the wind without fear of it breaking.

4. Flow Visualization

The key part of this project is to see how the air flows around us. I will need to have a large enough area with sufficient reflective disks to meet this goal.

5. Portable

With the design expo occurring in person later this semester I want to design and fabricate this kinetic sculpture to be relatively easy to transport.

Top 5 Constraints:

1.  Cost

One of the largest constraints in this project is the budget. If my budget was larger I would create a bigger and more dense kinetic wind sculpture. Unfortunately, my budget is limited meaning that the number of reflective disks I can purchase is restricted.

2. Workspace

I plan to do most of the fabrication in my house either in my garage or backyard. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good workbench to cut or assemble the sculpture. This will likely result in a lower quality result.

3. Schedule

A huge constraint for this project is the schedule. With almost only a month left of classes, the work load for other classes is going to start to pick up as I am assigned final projects and deliverables. The schedule also prevents me from ordering any long lead time items.

4. Weather

Since this project will be at its best with certain wind and sun levels my progress could be impeded by cloudy or calm days.

5. Skills

It has been a while since I’ve built anything using a wood frame so I imagine it will be a bit of a learning curve to fabricate the sculpture.

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  • How do you plan to maintain the “shine” of the disks? I don’t know about you, but I find it exhausting to always clean my mirror, let alone 320 of them…Do you think you’ll size down the project, given the cost and portability restraint as well (assuming its like 6ft tall and across?)

  • Hi Alex, I enjoyed your post and I think you got a really good idea for this project. For your specifications: uniform distribution, rigid frame and flow visualization, I agree that these are very important fo the function of your piece. That being said, do you plan to test these specifications of just fully send the final product? And if you do intend to test, how will you do so under budget?


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