Alex Fitzgerald Project Portfolio

In the Aesthetics of Design course I created two artifacts. The first was an upcycling project using recycled materials in order to create a minimalist metallic wall sculpture. In the second project I created a dynamic wind sculpture following a similar aesthetic to my first project.

Upcycling Project: Alternating Waves

For my upcycling project I used recycled aluminum cans and an old aluminum sheet as a backing to create the artifact shown above. The resulting wall sculpture is a fun and cheap piece of art that when combined with dynamic lighting creates mesmerizing reflections.

Final Project: Kinetic Wind Sculpture

For my final project I created a dynamic wind sculpture. The piece utilizes 300 mylar disks to visualize the flow of air. A wooden frame supported by four angle brackets hold the mylar disks in columns of 10 disks. The mylar disks have a mylar finish allowing for fun reflections as they rotate due to the wind. Similar to my upcycling project this piece creates a mesmerizing light show as each disk rotates and reflects sunlight. The figure above shows the piece in a vertical configuration however, the dynamic sculpture works best when rotated into a horizontal configuration.

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