One of the things I would most defiantly like is that I would like a dimmer in my project. Adding to that I want to ensure that the dimmer not only has a tactile feel but is incredibly satisfying. One of the other things I would like is that I want this piece to look professionally crafted. I want there to be no gaps, no visible glue, nothing that makes the project seem or feel unprofessional. Another thing is that I want the project to not only be a part of the industrial aesthetic but I would like for the energy of the project to be cozy and reinforce a feeling of calamity and tranquility. I would like for the project to be able to successfully disseminate a warm and cozy light. I think aspects that will tell me that I have succeeded are the ability for the lightbulb to actually work and therefore be a lamp. Another thing that is critical is that I want others to be able to compliment my lamp, whether on its aesthetic, or craftsmanship, or even small choices in details, that will reinforce to me that my job as a designer has been successful in evoking emotions and feelings as any good piece should. I am mostly prioritizing looks and attention to detail. I think the first and most difficult constraint is my lack of electrical knowledge. Another constraint is the wiring space required for the dimmer is constrained to such a small space and I need to make that look professional. Another constrain is the amount of money I am willing to invest into it, as more refined details and attention to detail will also potentially cost more. the final two constraints will be the time I have and room/ tools to work with.

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  • Hi Adlai! This looks like a great start to your project. I understand that you want to have a dimmer, but what do you mean by it being “incredibly satisfying”. Does this relate to the rate at which it dims or the feel of it? I also think its great that you want it to have a professional look. Best of luck!

  • Noah Howell
    April 3, 2024 6:11 pm

    Great ideas here, a dimmer would be great but I think you may need to consider that this might not work with every light bulb so make sure to double-check. Unfortunately, good design and craftsmanship does come with a price, so it may be best to try to source some of your materials from some spots on campus rather than buy new because many of the components in your example don’t look cheap.


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