Album Booklet: Specifications & Constraints


As you’re probably aware, my final project for this class is a printed booklet full of graphic designs for the album Midnights by Taylor Swift.


(1) Aesthetic

Achieving the minimalist aesthetic is a huge specification for this project. I need to be careful of adding too much of anything (text, color, graphics). I also need to make sure that my overall designs are cohesive.

Source: Envato Elements

(2) Color

Designing in duotone colors is another major specification for this project, as it’s a part of my aesthetic. That said, I need to choose colors that work well together and are print-friendly.

Source: WeGraphics

(3) Size

I want the size of my booklet pages to be a vertical A4s. I plan on researching appropriate margins and text sizes for this page. I also need to ensure that Staples will print booklets in A4 sizing.

(4) Flow

I want the designs to all feel unique but flow together dynamically. I plan on achieving this through the use of gradients. Checking the “flow” of my pages throughout the design process will be key in achieving this look.

(5) Vision

I want to succeed in creating “professional-looking” designs. To do this, I’ll follow the general design rules (rule of thirds, etc.) when possible.

Source: Skillshare Blog


(1) Color Output

CMYK colors work differently than RBG, as they are “subtractive” and not “additive.” This ultimately means that my print output will be a bit darker than it shows up on my screen. I need to be aware of this in my final print stage.

Source: GC Blog

(2) Print Quality

I’m a little worried that the Staples print quality could be sub-par, affecting my final product quality. To address this issue, I plan on testing the print quality beforehand by running a “test” print of one or two pages of my booklet.

(3) Margins

I need to make sure my margins are correct in the print output. I want to have .5-inch margins on all sides, so I need to ensure that I specify the margins in Illustrator and in my print order to Staples.

Source: Print on Paper

(4) Time

Ensuring I get the designs done promptly ahead of the deadline. Designing is something that takes a while for me since I’m very particular and detail-oriented. However, I’m confident that if I stick to my project timeline, I’ll be good ahead of our end-of-year Expo.

(5) Workspace

I can only design on my computer, so it’s more difficult to progress when I’m out and about. Beyond that, designing takes focus, so having a quiet, calm environment is also important to my workflow. I need to plan specific times to commit to sitting down and focusing on this project in Illustrator.

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  • Peter Arnold
    April 9, 2024 8:58 pm

    Hailey, I like your post! I was not previously aware of the ‘subtractive’ aspect of CYMK, so I found that particularly interesting. I would be interested in seeing any sort of preview of your work you have as I am excited to see the final result. One question I had was what is do you plan on editing the album art used at all, or leaving it be? Exciting!

  • Abigail Angwin
    April 6, 2024 4:20 pm

    Hi Hailey, I agree that designing something on a screen for it to be printed is a design challenge and hope you are happy with the printed result. I am also curious to know why you chose to use A4 sized paper and not letter sized which is easier to find.


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