My project so far has been taking on the look that I envisioned it would. That being that the 3D print is now as perfect as I want it to be, the stone and wired trees/ferns are starting to fit in place without tipping over etc. Even though I am about half way through with my project, I am starting to see several constraints and successful aspects. That being said, here is my current list of successful aspects:

  • I am able to now string the lights through the stone and connect it to the model in order to provide my light source
  • The wired trees and ferns are coming together and are fitting anywhere on the stone without fully falling over or having a fragile state
  • I am reaching the stage where I can buy other ferns/landscaping fauna to add some color pop onto the layout
  • Once I fit the lights in place I can now glue the model down in order to finalize the project
  • Its starting to become a model where you can move things around on it in order to make it dynamic

Even though my project is starting to come together, I am still feeling many constraints. These constraints are inhibiting me from making my project the best quality possible.

  • I am starting to notice that the model could have been a bit bigger which would have made the lighting and construction a bit easier
  • It’s a very heavy stone sheet, so it doesn’t make it the best thing to carry around
  • The lighting is becoming pretty difficult considering I am only using a foot out of a twelve foot string of lights
  • I wish it was a bit more dynamic, but it’ll get the job done for the project
  • I wish I was able to add more texture and color to the 3D printed model along with the stone

Although there are several successful attributes and constraints, I am still excited to present a project on something that I am truly passionate about. I also understand that our project has to be really dynamic, which is why I added the landscaping hedges/trees/ferns  and the lights that can be turned on and off. I just wish that I was able to add a bit more “movement” and dynamics to the project, but it’ll do for now.

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  • Hi Andres! It looks like your constraints come down to the materials you have chosen. I wonder if you had any time to try a lighter weight tile piece or find ways to add dimension to them. I think a cool way to add some texture is trying spackle or air dry clay. Best of luck!

  • Hi Andres, I like how you have the different styles of wire trees. It might be too late in your project to incorporate this but it might have a cool effect if you set the entire model with the rocks on top of an acrylic or transparent material and have more indirect lighting. This could glow up the sides of the tiles and might add to the ambiance of the final piece. I am looking forward to seeing how your project turns out! Good luck!


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