Game Board – Top 5 specifications, Top 5 constraints

As mentioned in previous posts, I want to make this project look home styled and classic. To achieve this I plan on doing a couple simple designs to really achieve this aesthetic. To begin, I want to prioritize the size and shape. To fulfill the atmosphere of sitting at a comforting table, the game board must be small enough to fit on the side of a table with condiments, about 6 inches at its widest point. Furthermore, I want to change my design to make the game pawns golf tees. This is a traditional theme for the game and I think this specification will help to meet my aesthetic. I have designed the game board to have a chamfer finish, to give a little bit of a rougher feel than a smooth fillet. For the same reasons, I set a specification to engrave the games rules on the bottom of the board. I hold the belief that these aspects will give a feel that it came from and old sun weathered box. As for stain, I don’t think I will stain it but will finish it will linseed oil to protect it over time. This functional finish definitely uphold my projects goals.

What I anticipate to go wrong definitely all relies on time. Will I have enough time to get golf tees? Will I have enough time to let things dry? Will I have enough time to restart if i make a mistake? Time is really my biggest opponent.

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  • […] Game Board – Top 5 specifications, Top 5 constraints […]

  • Are you planning to use both sides of the board game? I have seen boards for games that feature the creators name and information, along with the rules on the back side of the board. This keeps the prominent side with a very clean aesthetic that isn’t’ dominated by tons of text you will never read. I also think the golf tees should be a tight fit in the holes to ensure they won’t fall out if the game gets bumped. I wish you good luck in the final few weeks here.

  • Abigail Angwin
    April 15, 2024 4:32 pm

    I like how you are being considerate of how the woodworking contributes to the aesthetic since the same piece of wood could yield multiple different aesthetics. Having the rules engraved is a cool idea, will you be using a laser cutter to do the engraving? For words it is sometimes faster and easier to read if you use a vector cut at high speed rather than the engrave function.
    Hope you find the time you need!


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