I have not made much progress this past week. I am still in the process of finding some of the items I need for my project. But once I have those items it should take me less than a day to finish it. Since the last post, I have been able to make more hedges for the structure but that’s a bout it.

But now that I have most of that finished, I am finally in the process of gluing the light string onto my structure and finally planting the model onto the stone layout. Since I have basically finished the 3D model house with functioning lights and a landscape that can be manipulated. I am now able to make the finishing touches in quick time now that I am done putting together pieces that took the longest to make.

That’s why this post is so short, because there’s only so much more I have to do until I’m finished!!

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  • Hey Andres, I know you have made a lot of progress since starting this project. One question I have is what type of glue are you using? I know they come in different colors and transparencies. Good luck and I am very excited to see the final design!


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