Work is proceeding. I have partially redone the CAD to fix the bugginess of the original assembly, redesign the cross-spar joints, and update the design to the smaller size of main spars I was able to source (the kite was originally 180 cm long; now, 150). Further, I have received parts! The fiberglass spars and sail fabric has come in. I should have expected this, being bare fiberglass, but the spars being white took me off-guard; I may have to paint them black to fit the look I’m going for. I also didn’t expect the white fabric to be so see-through; I worry that it may look off, but it should be good on a blue sky background, eh?


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  • Hi Lavender, looks like progress is going well and you have parts you can work with. This is my first time seeing your kite and the design of it looks awesome! Sounds like the problems so far wont be a huge problem, do you think there are any likely troubles you might come across later?

  • Hi Lavender,
    The kite looks really cool. I have seen a few kite designs similar to that with the box shape but I have not seen any at that scale. Do you know how much it will weigh when it is complete?


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