In the past week, I have continued to work on the design for my project. One of the main difficulties I was facing was figuring out the gears. I found a few great resources online to help me understand the sizing and how to make them in Fusion 360. Once I had the gears down, I started the main frame. Each of the pieces I have designed so far should be able to fit together except for the center rod and the turning plates which will need to be glued in place so it functions correctly. I worked in Fusion 360 to also make a functional design that would show off the mechanical function.

I have also found and purchased the materials that I need for this project which will be 1/4″ plywood and wooden dowels.

Looking forward

By the end of this weekend, I plan to have my design finished with all of the extra embellishments and the four horses. Then, I will lay it all out in CAD and turn it into a file that I am able to laser cut. I am hoping to be able to start laser cutting by next week so I can assemble my design and make sure everything works well.

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  • Hello Sophia! I really like how you displayed your progress so far using the CAD model and Fusion 360. I was wondering how you plan on getting the design for the horses? Are you going to sketch them or trace them from a picture online into CAD?

    • Sophia Montie
      April 17, 2024 10:44 am

      I have now made the horses. I made them by finding a picture of a cartoon horse online and using that as a loose guideline to trace a horse silhouette onto cad by projecting it as a canvas.

  • Hi Sophia, I like the design you currently have, it looks like many of the details are well thought out. Do you know yet what the horses will be made out of? Will it be laser cut as well?

    • Sophia Montie
      April 17, 2024 10:45 am

      Hi Ian! I will also be laser cutting the horses. I have designed them to be attached to the rest of the build.


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