As a quick recap, my project is creating an end table out of an old school desk, I am designing it in the Bauhaus aesthetic because of the metal pipes the desk legs are made of. Currently I have painted the desktop and I have cut down all of the metal. I attached the pipe sections back together using electrical conduit clamps with set screws.

This is the original desk.

Here is the assembled metal compared to the complete back legs. I need to trim ~1.5″ to make them equal sizes but I am pretty happy with how it looks.

I am planning on putting screws through the legs into the desktop to increase stability, as that is one of my major concerns at the moment. For the drawer I have been doing lots of research and feel confident I can make it out of plywood and a drawer slide set from home depot.

My immediate next steps are cutting the legs to the right length, I made the measurements so all I need to do now is cut. After that is reassembling the desk by re attaching the legs. I purchased some 1/2″ plywood so once I know the spacing of the legs I will start the cutting and assemble of the drawer. I will need an extra day to paint the drawer to a matching color as well. This is a busy week for me but I’m going to aim for completion this week to allow or any errors or setbacks that will come up.

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  • Riley Menke
    May 7, 2024 6:24 pm

    Great progress so far! it is clear that your plan was in place and you have a vision. Goodluck on teh end of it. Cant wait to see it at expo!

  • I like the colors you chose. Super clean look. I think this is a good example of less is more. I like that you are still focusing in on the upcycling aspect of this project. I am curious what is the moving part of your design? Good luck finishing up! Excited to see the final results.

  • Alexis Cisneros
    April 16, 2024 11:24 am

    Hi Brandon,

    I really like your progress so far. I also like the color you chose for the table top and the planning and organization. Are you adding some sort of sealant or epoxy on the top?


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