I want to begin by recapping my plan and updating my progress for my final design project. I plan to make three snuffle mats, one for each of my two dogs and one for my cat. A snuffle mat is a flat mat that has bits of fabric attached to it that create pockets and folds that hold treats. The point of a snuffle mat is to encourage enrichment for the pet. If you want to ready more about snuffle mats see my past post here: https://www.aesdes.org/2024/02/28/main-project-plan-snuffle-mat/

Currently, the progress I have made almost aligns with the timeline I created. When an oval is completely filled in, it means that I have completed that step.


As stated in a previous post, I already have all the materials I need to complete this project so I do not need to worry about any pieces coming in time. I got the materials very early on when I set my heart on this project.

I have the base parts of all the three mats. I used the same colored fabric for all three. I met the deadline that I had made for the mat bases. They are each a dark olive green color. I made the mat bases each two layers to make them more sturdy. I then hand sewed the two pieces of fabric together. The finished bases are shown below.

I have also began creating the flowers and plants, but I am running behind on building all the plants. Cutting out the petals and gluing them together is taking longer than I had originally anticipated. After mapping some of my finished plants on a mat base, I realized I need about 30 plants of each color. Which is a lot more than I had originally thought. So far, I have finished 20 plants for each of the green fabrics that I had chosen. Each color is a different shaped plant. I created the plants by cutting out long strips of the fabrics and cutting petals in each strip. Depending on the plant, I then cut the strips down to anywhere between 10 to 16 pedals. I then glued and rolled them up to create the 3D effect. This is shown below.

The timeline shows that I had originally planned to have the flowers finished by April 8th. Since I did not reach this deadline, I hope to have them finished by April 15th. That will give me two days to sew the flowers onto the bases of the mats. I think two days is fine for this deadline because I think the most time consuming part is making the plants themselves. As long as I continuously work a bit each weekday, I should be able to meet the rest of my deadlines. If timing becomes an issue I will work on finishing one or two of the mats instead of all three. I can then finish the third this summer (because I still want these for each pet).

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  • Jonathon Gruener
    April 15, 2024 12:52 am

    Hi Sierra. The project is coming together super well! The plants look awesome and I’m impressed by how many you have already made. I also think that maybe focusing on just a single mat will be a good fall back in case everything takes a long time.

  • Ari Matrajt Frid
    April 14, 2024 11:51 pm

    Hi Sierra, I really like the colors you’re using for the flowers, I’m sure your pets will like it. How will you make sure that the way you attach them is resistant enough for your pets to play with?

  • Hi Sierra. The flowers and plants look amazing so far, especially the flowers. You are on point with the shape! I agree with your call to focus on making 1-2 mats by the deadline. That way you can really focus on the quality and durability of the mats. Impressive progress so far!


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