Post 10: Photography Box Progress

This week I have made a significant amount of progress on my photography cabinet. Earlier in the week I was able to go to Home Depot to look for some wood. Unsure of what I exactly wanted, the trip was meant to only serve as a peruse of the wood that I could buy. I ended up finding something that was perfect for the project, some 11 inch by 48 in pre-cut boards. I planned on making my cabinet just a bit bigger than what the 11 inch boards could get me but in the end I made some adjustments that I think suit the project well. Since the cabinet runs so deep, I thought I could make it not as wide which aesthetically fits a lot better than the wide short cabinet design I had previously. I was able to plane down these boards by just a little bit. I wanted to plane them to around 1 in thick but it was proving to be extremely time consuming and I had to have a friend help me out as I do not have the safety workshops for the woodworking centers here at CU. 


This weekend I was able to visit my family and also work on the project. I immediately got to setting up a workstation for myself and using a skill saw that my parents own I was able to cut down most of the wood. I still have some cuts I need to do on the larger pieces as I did not take enough off, but overall it was a fairly productive weekend. The skill saw also provides a rugged aspect to my project as it is not easy to make perfect cuts with nothing but a square and a tape measure. This in the end will help with my more vintage look as it won’t be entirely perfect when put together.

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  • Kyra Anderson
    April 15, 2024 11:12 am

    Hi Cannon, I think your project is looking great and it’s cool to see the pictures of your work station. I was wondering if you were planning on painting or staining your photography box?

  • Josh Sweeney
    April 14, 2024 9:19 pm

    Hi Cannon,
    Looks great! Looks like you’re doing just fine without the CU woodshops. The skill saw will definitely make things look… rugged. I’m interested to see the end result!


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