Post 10: Bikepacking Frame Bag Update

As mentioned in previous blog posts I have significantly changed my design since Blog Post 8. I initially intended to use some old black fabric I had on hand. I liked this choice initially because I didn’t need to go shopping for more. Also the black nicely blends in with my bike’s aesthetic (red frame, black wheels, tires, and fork). Upon doing some thinking I realized I wasn’t very inspired to create a bag that was essentially the same as one I already made. There was some outstanding issues with the first design but nothing that couldn’t be lived with. I realized I could do some sewing repairs to improve the functionality of the original bag. To give some context I had created a frame bag two years ago but it has since torn open and I never fixed it. That’s why I initially wanted to do this project. I could replace the bag.

This class is really about the aesthetics of the final project, and I realized my initial design was catered to the bag blending in with the bike. I think this makes the bike and the bag a really cohesive unit but on it’s own the bag is somewhat boring. I was therefore inspired by really loud designs from outdoor companies like Cotopaxi. Going from that idea I started researching color pallets with colors I deemed to be untraditional for this use case. Most frame bags are tan, brown, green, or black, colors that are all somewhat muted and subtle. I wanted to use purple and yellow and maybe light blues. This website helped me generate a color pallet using the colors I mentioned above. I was left with the image I attached below. I think this color scheme is really visually appealing. I knew this would be a great way to spice up the design. I still want to maintain the outdoor minimalist aesthetic while using a loud colorway.

While researching fabrics I found a white version of the black fabric I used in the past. This fabric is commonly used in hyperlite bags like the one I attached below. This brand makes super nice expensive outdoor gear so I trusted their taste. At that point I knew I wanted the white to be the primarily color of the bag with the colors above as the accent pieces.

Below are the attached renders I created in powerpoint using the materials and colors I selected above. I included a single zip in the bag instead of two to make the design simpler and lighter. Also I reduced the number of velcro straps to just two to make the bag simpler. Along the top I will run a sort of bungee cord that goes through the purple webbing. I have been playing around with a logo to put on the bag to make it more personal as well. I created a drawing of a bear because on one of my first solo backpacking trips I ran into a black bear on the trail. It is a personal animal for me, that reminds be of my first special nature encounter. I am not sure which color to go with so I included a few different colors. I think black is nice because of the contrast. I am also considering leaving it out of the design entirely.



I recently picked up all my materials for the project adding up to roughly $50 in total. I plan to sew the project this weekend so it is done by Monday! I think the logo will just be a sticker so I can decided if I want it or not.

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  • Riley Menke
    May 7, 2024 6:27 pm

    Blake, I think that this brainstorming is the main beast of the project. I really like the color pallet you have chosen and the design you’ve made. Great progress! Cant wait to see it at expo!

  • John Bileschi
    April 22, 2024 1:21 pm

    Hi Blake, I think you have done a great job with taking some redirections to the color scheme along with simplifying the mechanics of your bag. I also want to commend you on the awesome artwork you have done to create the bear. One question I have is have you considered doing your color pallet mentioned above as the silhouette mountain range that you incorporated into your bear?

  • Hi Blake, I like the new color pallet and I think this design really captures the outdoors aesthetic. I could see this thing being sold at REI, especially with the bear logo. Have you purchased all the fabric yet? How long do you think it is going to take to sew?


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