Project: “Lil’ Storm Lamp”

Aesthetic: “Oriental-Contemporary Fusion”

Prompt: “What are the top 5 things you want your project to look like, to feel like, to do? What are the aspects that will tell you you’ve succeeded in your project? What are you prioritizing?

Next, what are the top 5 constraints you face? Time, money, skills, supplies, ideas, room to work? Which ones will be the toughest to deal with?”


As I continue to develop my sound-reactive vase project (Lil’ Storm Lamp), it’s vital to have a clear understanding of what I’m aiming to achieve and the obstacles I might encounter. Below, I’ve outlined my main goals for the project as well as the key challenges I foresee. 

Top 5 Goals 

  1. Aesthetic Integration: My goal is for the vase to beautifully combine traditional Oriental art with modern technology. It should not only include sound-reactive lighting but also enhance the classic design elements with these modern features.
  2. Functionality: The vase should react to sounds effectively, especially to music and environmental noises like thunder. I want the lighting to adjust its intensity and colors based on the sound it detects, which will help create a more dynamic atmosphere in any space.
  3. Quality of Craftsmanship: It’s important to me that the vase is well-made, with careful attention paid to both the ceramic craftsmanship and the technological components. This will help ensure the vase is both durable and functional.
  4. User Interaction: I aim to make the vase user-friendly, with straightforward controls for the sound and light features. It should easily connect to various audio sources through Bluetooth, making it convenient and accessible.
  5. Artistic Expression: This project is a personal reflection of my creative vision. I’ll know I’ve succeeded if the final product authentically represents my aesthetic preferences (nature, sentiment, character, individuality, micro-highlights, etc) and the story I want to convey through its design (peace, calm, engagement, satisfaction, joy, etc.).

Top 5 Challenges 

  1. Time: Juggling this project with other commitments is going to be one of my greatest challenges. I have limited time to devote to designing, building, and refining the lamp, which could impact the project’s scope and depth.
  2. Budget: Financial constraints are a major concern as they dictate the quality of materials and technology I can afford. With a budget of hundreds of dollars and not thousands of dollars, opting for high-quality audio components and durable materials can be costly, so finding a cost-effective balance is crucial.
  3. Technical Skills: Although I have a solid foundation in electronics and crafting, advancing to more complex sound-reactive technology and ensuring it integrates successfully with the lamp’s design may require I learn some new skills or seek external help.
  4. Supplies and Resources: Obtaining the specific materials (sound deadening material, epoxies, opaque plastic cone, etc) and components (anything electronic) that meet both aesthetic and functional standards can be challenging. Limited access to these resources may delay the project and limit some of my design choices unless I plan.
  5. Workspace: The limited space I have available for working on this project could restrict the size of the lamp and the tools I can use, complicating the assembly and storage of project components, particularly if the project ends up being more complex than I intended.  

The Plan (For Navigating the Challenges)

Time and budget will be the most difficult challenges. To address these, I plan to establish clear milestones and a realistic timeline, considering potential learning curves for new skills. However, in reality, with a newborn baby at home, the plan is just to start way ahead of time and do as much of it as possible every chance I get until I am done. Budget-wise, I will need to source materials carefully and may need to adjust design elements to stay within financial limits. Utilizing resources from past projects could also help keep costs down. Like the bluetooth speaker, for example. 

The success of the project will depend on how well I can balance these elements and bring my vision to life, making this project a formidable challenge that I look forward to. 

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  • Dylan Breglio
    May 2, 2024 12:59 pm

    Hi Kelso,
    I’m excited to see how your project turns out! It seem like you have a good vision for the project, and have some big things planned. However, have you considered the the size of the lamp to be a constraint as well? It seems to me that this could also present an issue.

  • Garrett Miller
    May 1, 2024 1:36 pm

    Hi Kelso! It sounds like you have a good idea of what you want and what you need to do to get this project done. Hopefully you can get it done and have enough time with the newborn at home. Good luck!


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