Design Preview Report: Minimalist Desk

For my final project, I would like to build a desk that falls under the minimalist aesthetic. For this design, I want to make a simple desk from hardwoods, and integrate certain functional aspects, but make them not obvious upon first glance. I currently have an Ikea desk which is too small, and think I can make a desk that will suit my needs better. I am planning on making the desk 30’x60 inches.


My aesthetic vision of the desk is to have 2 tones of hardwoods on the surface of the desk, and have some sort of minimalist legs. I also want to try and inlay an hourglass shape into the top of the desk, and have a small drawer at the bottom of the desk. I would like this drawer to be hidden under the desk, and to swing from underneath. I think this hidden drawer will allow for more functionality of the desk, but will still keep the desk within the minimalist aesthetic.

For the hardwoods on the top surface of the desk, I am considering a lighter wood for the sides of the desk, a darker wood for the middle of the desk, and a different darker exotic wood for the hourglass inlay. I am considering oak, poplar, or pine for the lighter outer sides of the desk, and would like to have walnut for the inner section. I think that a hardwood like purple-heart wood, or mahogany would add some aesthetically pleasing contrast for the hourglass inlay as well. Unfortunately hardwoods can get very expensive, so I may need to reconsider these wood choices. 

For the legs of the desk, I am considering two different styles of legs. One of these styles are individual “wire” legs, with one on each corner. The other are 2 single pieces that mount on two sides of the desk. 

I like the wire legs because they have less of a footprint, which would add to my minimalist aesthetic, but they seem to sometimes stick out from the edges of the desk, which could be somewhere I might stub my toes on. I like the 2 single piece lets because they appear more simple, but they also seem more narrow, which could impact the balance of the desk.

In addition to a hidden drawer underneath the desk, I would also like to incorporate some other hidden features, including a wireless charger and a mounted outlet strip. I would like to place the wireless charger under the inlayed hourglass shape on the surface of the desk, and the outlets strip underneath the desk by the back. I think that both of these features will add to the minimalist aesthetic of this desk, as I will be able to hide the cables for my computer, monitor, and phone charger a little bit better.

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  • Grreshan Ramesh
    May 8, 2024 1:33 pm

    Hi Travis ,
    Your report on minimalist desk project beautifully articulates your thoughtful integration of functional features, such as a hidden drawer and built-in technology, all while maintaining a sleek and minimalistic design. I would love to hear more about how you chose the materials and leg designs, especially in terms of their functional benefits and how they contribute to the desk’s overall stability and durability.


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