Portfolio-Floating Wine Bottle Holder and House Display

Throughout this class I enjoyed the fact that we could be as creative as we wanted while also holding ourselves to a high standard. I was able to finally dig deep into something that I’m passionate about; architecture (and wine of course). That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed my first project. It was a “floating” wine bottle holder where physics took care of the job and held my wine bottle up with a fashion statement. I initially went through two different prototypes and finally got it to work perfectly on the third attempt. After watching a video, I was able to cut it at the right height and drill the hole in the correct area for the weight of the bottle to hold itself up in the opposite direction.

For my second project I was able to challenge myself even more while also doing something that I was passionate about. I designed a modern chateau house on Fusion360, 3D printed it and made a dynamic display out of it. Once the house was printed I was able to string some lights through it and make ferns/landscaping out of aluminum wire. It now doubles as a night light because it gets pretty bright at night once I turn it on.

I really enjoyed this class because not only was it very flexible and relaxing, but it also let me be creative… which most classes literally don’t allow. It made me even more confident in my capabilities to create something beautiful while also allowing me to explore my imagination. I did have a few challenges throughout my journey in this class. Such as having to figure out how to use a 3D software along with the physics of a wine bottle and a plank of wood. I also enjoyed seeing my peer’s work as well. There were some really cool projects that I was astounded by.


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