What I want in my piece is to be androgynous in its gender expression and form. With a lot of the fashion pieces I make, I want gender expressions and forms to be out of the question but what looks best for the piece to be the primary look for my outfit? I loved a cropped look and how much shape it brings to the piece but I wanted larger sleeves to accentuate a strong form and pose. Some of my inspiration was western suede leather jackets. Through research and Pinterest boards of my inspiration, I found that the Western aesthetic overlaps a lot with indigenous aesthetics leading to my discovery that both aesthetics and ideas overlap within history. I didn’t want to make something that was indigenous or to appropriate that aesthetic since the mood I wanted was something more flamboyant rather than historic. I want to exemplify a more true American Western type that would be modernized outside of time or place but with obvious inspiration. 

I want people to say how the jacket is perfectly flamboyant and simple. 


What will be my hardest time is how much time the project will take. I want it to be very detailed and I know it will take a long time to complete. I am also scared of sewing making a lot of mistakes in the process and ruining the materials that I bought. To me messing up any stitch, laser etch, or something permanent that would damage materials is a scary thing that could set me back in the process and lead me to lose time.

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