It took me a while to decide and tinker with the laser-etched designs. I wanted to experiment with floral but I struggled with making it look more cowboy as opposed to a “Hawaiian shirt” look. What I settled on was this, To add layers of designs and different looks fading into more and more detail. as it gets closer to the edge. I will continue this on the back as well. 

I started to laser-cut the floral design onto the jacket I bought and it was going great until the laser cutter stopped halfway through the cut and crashed. I tried to redeem the outfit and restart the cut and it ended up just looking bad. I decided to start from scratch and buy new and nicer sheets of suede to restart the laser. I laser-cut the designs before cutting out the pieces of the jacket. this worked perfectly and since it was nicer faux leather I liked the look better. After cutting out all the pieces I started to pin them and sew them together. 

With the sleeves I needed them to be perfectly 2 inches larger so in Rhino I modified the piece and laser etched the large sleaves with the laser cutter.

Over spring break I started making some passion projects involving a lot of denim because I had bags of scraps of denim at my place and I needed to do something with it. I had a bag full of denim pockets and my first vision idea was to make a jacket out of denim but I realized I didn’t have enough pockets to pull it off. I instead thought of making an overall inspired tank top. I started by making the front of the tank top, with the pockets interlacing them in a scale-like pattern. I then used the waistband of a pair of jeans as the shoulder bands of the top. To give the overalls feel, I used jeans buttons to fasten them to the denim overalls. That was all I had to do and it was a fun and rewarding project I loved how It looked. 

What I found to make it more dynamic, was to make multiple pieces that could work together in fits and potentially a fashion line, all falling under the same aesthetic. I also made a matching hat that would go with the denim fit as well as the leather fit

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  • Grreshan Ramesh
    May 8, 2024 1:23 pm

    This post effectively showcases your creative process and problem-solving skills in fashion design, particularly through the detailed accounts of overcoming challenges with laser-etching and using recycled materials. I’m curious how you refined the floral patterns to capture a cowboy aesthetic and what considerations you have for scaling these projects into a cohesive fashion line.


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