An Architect’s Aesthetic

An architect has their own aesthetics, not just their buildings. These aesthetics generally reflect an architect’s attitude and desire to stand out from everyone else. The idea of an architect’s style of clothing probably originated sometime around Le Corbusier (1930’s) who is seen wearing the iconic black, round-framed “Harry Potter” glasses. He was known as “the raven” because he dressed in all black. This was more for function than anything else, because he could work all day and get his clothes dirty, but go to a presentation appearing professional.  After him many architects (Libeskind, Johnson, I.M. Pei) whether by coincidence or on purpose, chose to wear similar glasses and dress in neutral(black) colors. Many architects nowadays use their choice of clothing and accessories to clearly prove they are an architect. They dress in a slightly off-beat style to show their creativity to clients, but keep it looking very professional. An architect’s ego fuels their style and choice of clothing. One website accurately suggests that an architect’s “attire should be minimal, yet condescending at the same time.”










This is a pretty accurate definition of what architect’s don’t wear.


The epitome of the glasses.


An architect always has a messenger bag, no other carrying device is acceptable.


I just can’t believe someone made a paper doll set of architecture clothes…You know you have an aesthetic when this happens.


Architecture handwriting is always in all capitals and has a very specific style.


A good architect always has his sketchbook on him because you never know when inspiration will hit.

This is a link to a video that describes how to dress like an architect.

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  • Wow! This is really interesting! I would have never thought that the way architects dress would be so distinct. My Aunt is an architect and reading about this actually made me notice that she has a great deal in common with what you posted. She doesn’t wear glasses, but I think she might have that exact messenger bag!


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