Lighting Up Pearl: Final Report Part 1

Introduction: My project has been a long journey that began with my own passions and educational background as well as inspirations found online. This project was a major inspiration for me. Close-up of the design inspiration. My Environmental Design background has led me to become interested in spaces for people from buildings, to parks, to…
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Elyse’s Inspirations

I have still been bouncing ideas and inspirations around in my head for my final project. I always find this part of the design process the hardest. I generally have multiple ideas that inspire me or that I want to create, but have trouble narrowing down my imagination and honing in on what is feasible.…
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An Architect’s Aesthetic

An architect has their own aesthetics, not just their buildings. These aesthetics generally reflect an architect’s attitude and desire to stand out from everyone else. The idea of an architect’s style of clothing probably originated sometime around Le Corbusier (1930’s) who is seen wearing the iconic black, round-framed “Harry Potter” glasses. He was known as “the…
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