I made thi0125161251s pine cone out of aluminum cans. It started as an attempt to make a radially symmetrical candle holder. The cans are decapitated, cut 8 ways at the top, and another can is inserted. A band cut from another can is then placed over the two to provide tension and ensure that they do not slip away from each other. After that is done, the aluminum between the cuts is bent away.

As it progressed, it started to look like it would perform poorly as a candle holder. I may still f0llow through with making one, but I am open to suggestions (including scrapping the whole thing)

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Sreyas Krishnan
January 29, 2016 9:35 am

This thing is growing on me man, haha. If you kept making it taller, it could be a straight up pine tree. The pruning you’ve done to it since the pic you posted is a good touch too.


If you are still thinking about using it for light / candle, think keep in mind the reflective properties of the cans. This could reflect light in interesting ways.


I think it’s a fine idea with many possibilities. What additional aesthetic can you impose? Can you free yourself from 90 degree corners? Is there a texture you could create?


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