Hey Team!

My basic engineering skill sets include CAD, machining, soldering, Mathematica (as weird as it is I prefer Mathematica over MatLab, haters gonna to hate), research, and critical thinking/problem solving.  I love being presented with real life problems and figuring out solutions to them so if you are having issues with your designs or construction let me know and I would love to help you figure out how to solve the problem!

I also have a ton of experience writing professional documents through senior design last year (PDR, CDR, gantt charts, financial documents, etc.) and through various organizations I am in (official memorandums, budget requests from CU, and a wide variety of reports).  Additionally I am extremely resourceful so if you are having problems finding the tools, equipment, or the help you need I am very good at tracking that down.

Some random things that could be helpful would be that I love to paint and draw so if you need a final aesthetic to add to your design I would be more than happy to help!  I also and very good at sewing (machine and by hand), as well as using windows movie maker and Photoshop.  I am horrible with Macs so I’m sorry if you need help with them, my best advice would be to get a PC.

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