Tyler Smyth’s Skills

Hi team, I hope your week is going well! If you do not remember my major is mechanical engineering, so I am knowledgeable in basic coding (C, C++, Matlab, LabView), coding aurduinos, machining, electronics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and concept design. My strongest skills are in machining, welding, and design: For machining specifically, I am really experience in powered-hand tools, saws, lathes, and different finishing methods. My skills with the CNC mills are improving everyday, but that machine is a piece of work in itself. For welding, I can weld with an Electric Arc Welder, a MIG, and a TIG, for futher explaination I can weld steel and aluminum (finishing the stainless steel training soon). Keep in mind the steel and aluminum must be unpolished and uncontaminated (I can explain this further if you have any questions). For my design loop, I know it was loopy for the first Up-cycle project, but I am more focused on a linear path for the next project. So, I can help create a reasonable time manageable schedule for getting the project done, and in an aesthetically pleasing way. One other thing I can give to your project is time, so I can help as much as you need with either building, brainstorming, or proofreading.

I have not finalized my project yet, but will be in the next few weeks. Also, I could really use some help with making my blog posts more interesting.

Image taken from Google images.

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  • Samantha Maierhofer
    February 14, 2016 9:57 pm

    Hey Tyler thanks for the info! I might hit you up on some of the aluminum welding ( I am still trying to figure out my final project) but might need to check out the finish on the material to see if my current idea is possible. Awesome, can’t wait!

  • Tyler, my minion, muahaha.
    I am totally going to use you for your CNC skills 🙂
    Your blog posts are fine! but when in doubt, you can always throw in a little humor


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