Sreyas Krishnan Skillset

  • Solidworks (strongest engineering skill for sure, 7 years of project and industry experience)
  • 3D-printing (have my own printer at home, have access to makerbots/lulzbots in IdeaForge)
  • Machining (lots of experience with mills, lathe, saws, etc.)
  • Music Production and Sound Design (one of my strongest overall skills –>
  • Microcontrollers (sBrio/Labview and Arduino)
  • Circuitry (comfortable with soldering and hooking up motors, etc)
  • Photoshop/GIMP (I do stuff for the CU Athletic Department)


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  • Rachel Grosskrueger
    February 21, 2016 5:00 pm

    How did you get your own 3D printer??? That must be so much fun to just mess around with it and make amazing things!


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