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My entire college career has been filled with opportunities to practice being a good team member. Looking back on this, and into the future, I believe that my overall best team quality is that I am extremely supportive. I choose to highlight this quality because I consistently show that I am always eager to hear the successes and trouble s that my teammates have while we tackle the project. This supportive trait also arises since I always attend team meetings and am  flexible with my schedule for planning meetings or extra ones.

I am also supportive in my team projects because I have a thirst for knowledge and dislike to see my partners working on tasks that I don’t understand. This drives me to learn about and understand all aspects of my projects – allowing me to review and help with everyone’s progress. Additionally, I hate turning in work which does not reflect a great effort on my part. I care about my image as a student, engineer, and professional, so I will always turn in high quality work.

In respect to this class, these are some of the things which I have knowledge about and would like to contribute:

  • Solid understanding of manufacturing processes
  • I know how to handle myself and equipment in machine shops
    • I greatly enjoy using my hands and constructing projects
    • I know how to use and am comfortable using many hand tools, for wood and metal working, along with lathes, mills, laser cutters, among others
  • Certified to work in the Idea Forge Welding studio
  • Decent amount of knowledge about SolidWorks
  • Very comfortable with Arduino coding and hardware
  • Very comfortable building circuits and understanding electrical components
  • Great at not being afraid to ask questions when I am stuck.
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  • I appreciate the emotional side of this, a quality often overlooked to group dynamics and project completion. I have some ideas for my project and typically try to avoid stuff that involves controls but might be less afraid with your experience to help me out.

  • These are all great qualities! Any chance you could teach me to weld? Do you know anything about powder coating, abrasive blasting or electroplating?


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