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Although many others in this class will be graduating this semester with either their bachelors and or their masters degree, I will actually still have another year to go. However, I am still excited to complete this semester and enter into graduate school. This semester so far is my most intensive semester in my college career as I am working on design projects in all four of my classes. With this in mind I really hope to work on my abilities of taking an idea and truly turning it into a final product. I would like to have walked out of this semester as a much more skilled designer who is able to contribute ideas in the real world. As I continue through graduate school, I hope that these abilities continue to grow through graduation helping me ensure success in my future.

From my first job, I really just want an environment that I am able to learn and apply what I have already learned. I know that school and all these projects I have been working are supposed to have prepared me for the challenges that lay ahead of me in my life. However, until I actually enter the workforce, I can’t really be sure if I am ready to positively contribute as an engineer. With this first job I want to be able to reassure myself and make it clear that design and mechanical engineering are my future.

My dream job is being able to actively come up with designs and products that will help people. I’ve heard a great deal about IDEO and other design firms in these last four years and being able to work at a job like that would be amazing. They get to use their imagination and truly create new things into the world everyday. Basically, I just want to be a kid again. I want to build and brainstorm and see ideas sprout into life. Because of this, the idea of graduating scares me. Even though I’m 22 years old, I don’t feel like I’m really an adult because I haven’t started my career and I’m still having a good time at school. If I could get a career in which I actually enjoy life doing something positive and exciting with my time, it will make the future something to truly look forward to.

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  • Your website has to be the elctironec Swiss army knife for this topic.

  • Best of luck in grad school Joe! If you want to work at design firms or something like that, consider doing the Graduate Design program. Its a great way to work into that design job. There are people from the program who’ve gone on to work at firms, not necessarily IDEO but other smaller firms. One thing I’ve heard is that, the things that you hear about IDEO as a pioneering firm for design have started to lose some of that spark, but smaller ones, all around the Bay Area and the country. I know one thing they love to see is initiative of design, one guy I know who works at a design firm designs and builds his own Rubik’s cubes which actually sell online ( I wish you the best of luck!

  • I am very impressed by your motivation to enter graduate school here. CU is definitely a great place to refine your product development skills, as I know the design track is very well respected here. I think that you will definitely be able to find an awesome opportunity next year if you really do some research on it. I am sure there are plenty of product development opportunities for young graduate engineers, in many different industries.

  • I really like your goals and aspirations. Even though you won’t necessarily be leaving after “graduation”, I like that you have thought out what you want from this year and from the future. Your goal for wanting to take a design idea/concept and carry that through to a final product is a very relatable and inspirational. Don’t feel put down about not considering yourself an adult even though you haven’t started your career yet. There are so many different ways to define what adulthood is, and one might even say wanting to better improve yourself/your skills is a very adult characteristic.


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