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Last week, I documented my team and technical skills (link). This was actually quite easy compared with thinking about my aspirations for the future. The hardest aspect of this to address is what I want to do in my first job and as I start my career after college. These are hard questions for me because I know that my professional career will be much different than my academic career. I am a firm believer in the mantra that my time spent in college is primarily meant to teach me how to learn, and that my professional engineering position(s) will provide the specific details and training that I need to complete my projects. Therefore, I am at a loss as to exactly what I want to do, which actually speaks praise for my education because this means I have had such a variety of experiences in college that I would like to experience most of them again in the professional world. At a minimum, I know that I have a passion for engineering and will always pursue this field.

Here are some of the things that I have enjoyed in college and would like to be a part of my work afterwards:

  • Design
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Programming
  • Hands on learning and projects
  • System integration
  • Leadership and mentoring
    • Working as a resident advisor and a teaching assistant were both great ways for me to grow as a leader and continue to acknowledge my desire to act as a teacher/mentor in the future.
  • I want to work on engineering projects which make a great contribution to society or our knowledge of the world
    • Renewable energy
    • Aerospace
    • I highlight these two fields above because I have great passion for them in terms of engineering interest and a desire to see our planet become a better place.
aerospace, Renewable Energy
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  • Thomas Brunsgaard
    February 18, 2016 7:34 pm

    I very much agree with your observation that the most powerful thing that you can take away from school is the ability to learn and teach yourself. Do you know if you want to do something mechanical , or would you like to explore an engineering disciple that you haven’t formally taken classes in (like electrical or programming)? Although challenging, I think that you have the skills and determination to pursue anything you want.

    Has your experience as a resident adviser and a teaching assistant led you to want to teach other in life? Teaching is another great way to contribute to society and have an actual impact on a lot of different peoples lives. Thanks for sharing your aspirations!


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