Alex’s Future

For this class I would like to learn how to integrate 3D printing, woodworking and/or laser cutting into design. I have never integrated these skills into design so it would be advantageous to learn them, before moving into industry. I expect to graduate as a mechanical engineer with stronger skills in design, and Computer Aided Design.

After graduation I hope to have a job in energy generation, toy design or computer aided design. If I could have any job, I would like to design power plants. I would like to have this job because I want to be someone who has had a large impact on the world, designing a power plant would have a major impact and hopefully make me feel as if I have made a major impact on the world.


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  • You are the power, if you control the power! I like how you sneak toy design in there. A manufacturer of Pokemon toys would be a cool place to end up. I am always looking to further develop my woodworking skills and would love to offer help in that department. 3D printing as well, so let me know.


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