What I’m hoping to gain through this class is to learn how to better incorporate aesthetics into my design process. I know that what I just said is basically the title of this class, but it’s true. At no point in my engineering career have I ever incorporated aesthetics into my designs. They have always just been about function, and if I have time later, maybe try to make it look nicer. In high school I took an art class and absolutely loved it. The form and function happened simultaneously, and I would love to gain that creativity back.

By the time I graduate I would like to have learned enough skills to be able to solve almost any problems that can arise in daily life for most people. I’d also be okay with solving very specific problems. The only requirement I have is that I take my degree/knowledge and use it to help those around me in whatever way that I can.

I’d love my first job to be something in manufacturing engineering. The challenge and scale of making something by the thousands, tens-of-thousands, and so on, is absolutely fascinating to me. My dream job would be some form of leadership role. I really like being involved with projects, but I also really like providing guidance to others if they need it and I feel it is just a position I fit well into. I’d like to become a really knowledgeable person who knows a lot about how to do many things engineering/project related. More generically, I want to become someone who will always love their job. I want to earn the respect of my peers and obtain success wherever I end up.

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  • I love how you pointed out that engineers are not being taught about aesthetics. I couldn’t agree more that it is a very important part about design, especially product design. I think manufacturing is an amazing field to get into. It is definitely a challenge, but I think you are up to the task. The leadership role fits you well, I think you are a smart and enthusiastic engineer, and you will be able to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

  • Ben, I agree with what you said about incorporating aesthetic in your design. We haven’t been taught about this in any of our classes. I also think it’s a challenge because aesthetics can easily be excluded when it manufacturing costs are high. I would live to learn about the connection of Aesthetics with DFM. Good luck with using your degree/knowledge in helping other. Working in mass production is awesome being a manager in this field is not easy, but you are up to it. Did you consider taking any classes from the engineering management program?


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