Shen’s Aspirations

What I plan to learn in this class is to get a feel of how aesthetics works with engineering. After 4 years in mechanical engineering, we learned lots of stuff but not anything art related. We all know that a product needs to be good looking to sell. That’s the reason why I am in this class.

As of skills, I have never used 3D printer and have very limited experience with the laser cutter. So I plan to learn and use these tools for my project. Hopefully I can be very comfortable with them.

For my first job, it has to be mechanical engineering related. I’m a car guy, so a job offer from one of the big motor companies would be perfect for me. As for dream job, I want to be a race car driver or even a jet pilot lol.

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Wow! Hope your dream can come true! Totally agree with your that our department has limited resource in art, which is essential in engineering world nowadays.

Brendan Warren
February 21, 2016 7:45 pm

Sounds like we have similar aspirations. I’m not really a car guy, but we are both interested in the aesthetic design aspects of engineering. Probably why we are both in this class! I too feel that the mechanical engineering department is very light in this arena even though there are so many interested in going into this realm. I haven’t done the training for our 3D printers, but I worked with one at my summer internship. If you need help setting up a CAD file for printing let me know. I’m also pretty good with our laser cutters, so I can help there. See you in class tomorrow.


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