Tyler’s Aspirations

“This week, what are you hoping to gain in experience and skills this semester and by graduation?”

I just wanna dance the night away! Not really, but I do want to increase my skills in all engineer aspects and be more creative in my designs. This class allows me to look at both the function and the aesthetics of a design to make an artistic piece that reflects my style. I do not have a definite style yet, but its a work in progress. I plan on taking more of the ITLL and Idea Forge workshops in order to increase my skills with micro-controllers, CNC, and such. The process is fun, can make designs more interesting, and improves my skills as an engineer too. By graduation I just want to make a project that encompasses all my engineering talents, and is artistically pleasing to a majority of audiences.

“What do you want to do in your first job?”

I am figuring this out right now. I am about to start applying for jobs this very week! My goal is to get into manufacturing, product design, or industrial design. Truly, I would like to design machines in the future that are used to help improve humanity or helps my fellow, may it be a new type of satellite or a water filter. The problem is its hard to get the “perfect” first job, so I assume that my views of what I actually will be doing are going to be dramatically different than whats in my head.

“What is your dream job?”

Yeah, my dream job would be to be a billionaire. So, become a CEO of a major company. Really I do not know! I think being a surf bum for a few years while travelling the world would be cool. Not really a job, but I would have fun!

EDIT: I just saw Deadpool, and now I wanna be a crazy superhero! Its a dream job, and I wish I had superpowers!

“What kind of XYZ do you want to become?

I would like to be an engineer by day, and a fun social person by night. I hope there will be more free time after engineering school, hahaha. I am trying to do more outdoor activities, and establish some more fun hobbies. My most recent en devour is yoga, and been having a blast turning myself into a pretzel.

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  • You are a goof, in a good way. It’s cool that you seem to really be pursuing technical skills as well as recreational aspirations. I think you will figure everything out when you need to.


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