Anfal’s project inspirations

This semester is one of a kind having three project classes and almost no homework, midterms and the usual structure. This semester resembles the real-world working environment and I hope this would help me with the transition. Also, I think overall I became smarter and more knowledgeable about team dynamics which in turn will help me to be successful. However, the aesthetic class is rather interesting having to do individual project where functionality matters but aesthetic is critical, it is a new experience for me. I think I will leave this semester with new prospect and methods on how to establish a relationship between the functionality of a project as an engineer and how it looks as a human who find aesthetic appealing. Surely, this is a challenge given that I am interested in the Aerospace industry, but that what makes it fun!

The final project

At this point my aesthetic is fashion/clothing, I have been looking at dancers’ cloth and how their cloth amplify their movement. As for the object, as I have mentioned before I am interred in strandbeest and specifically their movement. Thus, my goal is to build a simple mechanism for movement (i.e. walking). Building something that walk is not that challenging but integrating it with an aesthetic might be. I also plan taking into consideration utilizing colors and such to make my project more applying. donorfront

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  • I agree that it is a challenge to find an aesthetic that is both functional and inspiring. I think your final project will be a great thing to put in your portfolio since it will show both your technical ability as an engineer and your creativity!


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