Infinity Clock Update

Since last post I was able to wire the lights to run on battery power and hide all the chords/wiring behind the back of the clock!  This now gives it that clean look I really wanted and helps hide what this clock really can do!

Back and Front of Infinity Mirror clock
Back and Front of Infinity Mirror clock

My biggest goal is for this clock to transform into a regular clock/mirror into something that is completely unexpected and adds dimension and an interactive element.  I am still struggling to get the clock to show through the mylar film when the lights are off.  I am thinking of some back lighting behind the hands and numbers that will make them glow/stand out but will not create the infinity effect until the lights are all turned on.

Here is what I have so far!

At the beginning the lights are purposefully left off to build the suspense.

I was also able to clean up the wiring and the layout a bit so all that I have left for final touches are to windex the mirrors and make sure the lights are secured better around the clock.

Unfortunately, the batteries are dying right now and they have been used for less than an hour total.  I might have to look into some better battery options than the two 9V batteries I am currently using.

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  • Sreyas Krishnan
    April 7, 2016 10:33 pm

    (for the record, the “wait for it…wait for it….” refers to the video hahah)

  • Sreyas Krishnan
    April 7, 2016 10:24 pm

    wait for it….wait for it…..THERE it is. Awesome, well done!
    I’m really glad that you switched to batteries. I think your next step is to power everything off of one set of batteries but that’s totally unnecessary for the scope of this current project. This could definitely be a consumer product with a single set of batteries though. In fact, with some more Arduino magic and sensors, it could even be an awesome club decoration. Imagine if it could listen to music played externally and display certain lights based on the music????? SICK. I could see it down at Beta for sure.
    Great work!


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