Swing Bike Update 4/6

Due to obligations outside class and a need to alter my design a bit, progress has fallen back a bit, although still well within range of the buffer time I integrated into my schedule. What I did do this week though is make that change in my design, become familiar with the tools I’ll need to use in the Idea Forge to fabricate the bike, and borrow some cutting tools I need for the bike (thanks Jeffrey Gay!). I also acquired some spray paint and clearcoat from places around Boulder like McGuckins. Now, I truly am ready to start cutting tomorrow and hopefully start welding on Friday and into the first part of next week. The last week can be used for decorating and the aesthetics part. I will also need to acquire whatever lighting I may add on to this thing.

CAD Drawing of the design. The front part of the bike will simply be two tubes attached to the pivot tube and head tube.
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  • It can be tough to work on projects due to other obligations. Good progress. It’s good to see drawings of your design. have you thought about how you will control lighting on the bike? or is that going to be something that only gets added on once the project is finished?

  • I bet you can wait to ride this thing. Have you ever ridden one before? Do the frames you have seem to be matching up well and are they in good enough condition to actually be rideable when you finish? Are you adding any aesthetic with the geometry at all? I think that would be really neat. You should also start thinking of a sweet name to possible paint on. Any bike this cool should have a name!

  • Brittany Warly
    April 10, 2016 6:01 pm

    Cool CAD drawing. I am still confused, so are you using the bike saddle as the seat on the swing? And what type of saddle would you use? One suggestion I have is to find a gel cushion, which you can get from most bike stores to place on top of the saddle to make it more comfortable to sit on šŸ™‚ Also, what material are you using to hang it and how are you going to hang it and demonstrate the use of your swing bike at the expo.?


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