Ferrofluid Sculpture 4/6 update

So my project has take quite the turn in the past week due to the results of experimenting with electromagnets and the ferrofluid. The electromagnet I designed (below) does not create a nearly strong enough magnetic field unless a minimum of 60 volts is run through it. Even then the magnetic field is so weak due to the diameter of the steel ring.


Thankfully I have started designing and purchasing items for my new plan, a rotating magnetic turntable. Essentially the ferrofluid is still sitting in the top channel of the glass encasing, but now underneath is a 10″ diameter turn table that will have a series of neodymium magnets arranged in a design embedded in it. The turn table will be powered by a mini high torque electric motor rotating the whole assembly at 2 revs/minute. I am still playing around with the designs I will arrange the magnets in, but I think this is going to turn out quite swell. Next week I will have a thorough updated post with pictures to illustrate this new design.

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  • I am sad that your project has been so difficult up until this point. I think it would be cool if you could make a design that comes together and goes apart as the table turns. This would allow the design to be dynamic. Another idea would be to create smaller electro magnets that draw smaller amounts of project. Just a few ideas that will hopefully help you move forward and still create the awesome effect you are looking for in your design.

  • Ferrofluid is fun! Make sure there is something between the magnet and the iron object (such as petri dish). Really looking forward to see your next update!


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