Wind Chime update

Since the last post I have calculated the hanging length for each pipe (length from the end to drill the hole by which the pipe will be strung up) and machined those holes in the shop.

I also started, or tried to start drilling the hole pattern for the top plate but ran into trouble.  The drill bit I was using broke off in the plate and I didn’t have enough time to do anything else after trying to remedy that.  So this week I’ll be going back and drilling those holes with a slightly larger drill bit this time.

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  • Good to hear its coming along. Did you ever find anything cool to hang off the bottom of the chime? I think that will really tie together the aesthetic. Definitely clamp things down and get some advice from Greg or others in the shop if you need it. Let me know if you need another hand with anything.

  • Sounds like your making some excellent progress on your project. I would recommend clamping down your pieces as much as possible, to limit the degree of freedom your pieces have. This will keep your drill bits lasting longer, and give you nicer looking drill holes.


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