Design Fabrication Timeline

The following is a layout of the schedule for my final project (Wind Chimes).   Week of: March 28: Order supplies from McMaster Carr and pick up supplies form McGuckins.  Also model the pieces in Solidworks.   April 4: Begin work in the machine shop, starting with the aluminum pipes.   April 11: Finish work…
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Jake’s Apsirations

In this, my last semester of college, I’m just hoping to gain as much knowledge as I can before I start the next chapter.  At this point I’m just trying to expose myself to as much as I can, which was my main motivation for taking this class.  Even at this early stage in the semester…
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Jake McCormick Skills

Hey everybody, I’m a mechanical engineering student graduating this May.  I have retained my Solidworks skills from back in Computer Aided Design, having used them recently for senior design.  I also fancy myself pretty good with EES and thermodynamics in general, although I doubt anyone will need that for this project.  I am proficient in the…
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