Wind Chimes in C Major Final Report Part II

For my final project, I created a set of wind chimes played tuned to play notes in C major.  I felt that I could mold a set of wind chimes into the aesthetic that I wanted, specifically a mix of engineering and naval aviation.  To accomplish this aesthetic I wanted to use an overall steel/haze grey color often associated with engineering and the Navy, respectively.  To complete the aesthetic I wanted to use a model aircraft (F-14 Tomcat) as the weight at the bottom.  The fact that the wind chimes are in C Major, the very same pitch that “Danger Zone”, from “Top Gun”, is in adds to the aesthetic.

The general reaction from the public was that it looks pretty good, and sounds that way too.  People that knew what I was planning before I built it usually said that it turned out better than they thought it would.


I plan on giving the set of wind chimes to my mom to maybe hang outside her house.


I learned a lot about what goes into making harmonics sound the way you want them to, which is something I didn’t really even think about when I chose this for my project.

I also learned that Greg thinks projects like making wind chimes are comical.



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  • Daniel Moody
    May 5, 2016 12:24 am

    Well I think you did a great job and this is a pretty sweet project especially since its for your mom. It would be interesting to a “fan” at the bottom if the model does not sway enough in the wind. You should expand your product line with a deeper toned bomber edition! You may also look into altering the middle “puck” piece further to fit in more with the overall aesthetic.
    Again, nice job!

  • Great job! Basing the sound off of Top Gun was an awesome idea. It would be extra awesome if the plane in the wind chime is the same type from Top Gun. If it is not, you may consider going out, buying one and adding it, because it would make the wind chime even more awesome.

  • Christopher Coffman
    April 30, 2016 10:43 am

    Great work Jake!


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