Design Process for Upcycle Project

The design process so far has been frustrating: I have looped back to previous steps several times so far. My project is an electronic project, but given the nature of the Upcycle project all the components have to be scraps discarded from other projects. These parts are very difficult to work with, as I don’t know how they work/if they even work at all. I have many old components, and a challenge now is figuring what works and which components are compatible with each other. I am just about there though, I believe I have identified the components that are compatible, all work, and will be suitable to fulfill my aesthetic and will work in my final product. I also have to remember to incorporate at all angles my aesthetic of educational industrial chic: I will do this by using clear acrylic, labeling all parts with a placard that explains how they work, and incorporate patterns and colors found throughout the ITLL.

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  • The aesthetic and concept of industrial chic is fantastic and so fitting for engineering because it is both see-thru and educational, in other words, visually cool and engineering in nature. Your idea and design are very ambitious. The project relies so much on used materials, and I feel your frustration.
    I think Upcycle changes the design process substantially because instead of designing first and choosing materials to meet specs later, designers must almost start with a vision first, then gather materials, and afterwards design. You have the materials and skills, and I’m sure your project will turn out fantastic. Good luck!

  • Oksana Schuppan
    February 9, 2017 11:06 pm

    You certainly are not alone in having a bumpy start to your project. I, for one, got completely sidetracked and decided to take things in a whole direction. Your illustrations really capture the frustration felt when things aren’t going as planned. However, it is also clear from your diagram and from talking in class that you are willing to put in the extra effort to research the problem, understand your alternatives, and work your way around it. Very admirable! I hope everything comes together in the end!


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