Design Loop Reality: Projection Stage

For my upcycle project, I am building a projection stage, which is essentially a scale model of a large electronic dance music stage. It consists of three-dimensional platforms which create space to display projections, as well as an area where a DJ booth would be placed. The entire stage is made out of cardboard and printer paper.

My design loop approximately followed a traditional format, and used an iterative approach. I began by sketching possibilities for features for the stage, eventually settling on one aesthetic in a final sketch. Then, I created a first version of the stage, with the main floor and minor components in place. Drawing from my sketches once again, I decided to add a large backdrop to create more three-dimensional spaces in the upper area of the stage. At this point I experimented with the current model, seeing how projections would look with the current mappable area. I then chose to add additional (mostly) forward-facing surfaces, that provided more compartmentalized space to create projections, and was satisfied with the final aesthetic.

In the end my main methodology was to add features incrementally, and test the aesthetic along the way.



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  • Connor Swanson
    February 8, 2017 5:32 pm

    This is a really interesting idea. Stages at large concerts/ performances have some of the most interesting and unique aesthetics associated with them. It sounds like you will be multiple cutouts around the stage set up as aesthetics and then maybe use some kind of light effect on them. Not sure how far you have gotten with it but it could be interesting to chose a theme for the stage and make designs centered around that


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