Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Designs: Rick Totem

For my main project, I am planning to use the psychedelic theme, modified to fit within the Rick and Morty themes created in the show. Please see my Design Review post for more information. For this post I am exploring three other aesthetic options to use in my final project: steam punk, supernormal stimuli, and a…
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Upcycle Final Report: Scale Model EDM Stage

The above videos are demonstrations of my Upcycle project in action. I enjoy learning about lighting and stage design. For my upcycle project, I created a miniature scale electronic dance music (EDM) projection stage. A projection stage is generally a structure with three-dimensional surfaces on top of which images are projected from a video projector. Projection stages are…
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Explore an Aesthetic: Psychedelic / Technologically Advanced EDM Stages

Electronic dance music stages have significantly evolved in design over the last several years from simple lighting setups, akin to what one would see in a standard theater production, to highly technologically advanced productions involving many moving lights and other elements on the stage. The effect is that the light shows displayed from psychedelically designed stages create a deeply…
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